Second Hand

Åtvidaberg’s Kenya Association actively works to raise funds to support our projects in Kenya. Apart from the generous gifts that we receive from private people, an important fundraiser is our second hand store. This store can be found in the central part of Åtvidaberg, in a building known as “Åssa-gården”. If you find yourself in Åtvidaberg, you are welcome to take the stairs or the elevator to the third floor. You will recognize the Kenyan flag outside the building when the store is open!
Please contact Micael Thor if you wish to donate furniture or clothes etc. 0734064449.

Opening hours:  
Tuesday    13.00-17.00 
Thursday  13.00-17.00
Saturday   11.00-14.00

Åssa-huset, våning 3
Bryggaregatan 2
597 30 Åtvidaberg

If you are interested to volonteer locally in Åtvidaberg, or if you have ideas of how you could contribute to our work – please don’t hesitate to contact us! Please click on the link above: “Contact us”.