El Sistema

What is El Sistema?

The purpose of working with El Sistema is to:

  • Use music as a tool for social and human development, to fight poverty and inspire to new ways of life.
  • Provide alternatives to life on the streets, drugs, criminality and child labour.
  • It’s not just about music, but rather to grow as a human being and become a more sensible citizen – about building democracy!” Gustavo Dudamel, one of the world’s best conductor, raised with El Sistema in Venezuela.
  • I wanted to find tools to teach people how to cooperate” José Antonio Abreu:  

El Sistema was founded in Venezuela in 1975 by the economist and musician José Antonio Abreu. His ideas are now well known and used all over the world!.
The system was designed to improve the life trajectory of young people living in poverty and as a paradigm for social change. The goals of the El Sistema center focus on developing critical life skills and laying the groundwork for success. We are conducting music education together with El Sistema Sweden and PendoAmani Youth Organization, who utilize El Sistema concept and approach in engaging young people in group lessons and rehearsals on the weekends in Juja, emphasizing discipline, peer learning and community engagement. Currently, an exchange project between El Sistema Sweden and Juja is being financed by the Swedish Institute and several Kenyan and Swedish leaders have visited each other and participated in trainings.